Huwebes, Pebrero 9, 2012

Contrived Experiences

 Contrived Experiences

1.Present contrived experiences and their various forms by means of a graphic organizer.


2. Compare a model and a mock up by the use of a Venn diagram.

3. Illustrate with examples the five (5) reasons why we make use of modes, mock ups, specimens and objects given above.

        We use models, mock ups, specimens and objects to:

1.       Overcome limitations of  space and time

2.       To “edit” reality for us to  be able to focus on parts or a process of a system that we intend to study

3.       To overcome difficulties of size

4.       To understand the inaccessible

5.       Help the learners understand abstractions

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  1. you need to improve your venn diagram. your grade is 92.
    Please discuss to your classmate the project based Learning and Multimedia. Prepare powerpoint presentation.